Leaping the Competition

We have been in the business of innovating recycled plastics for decades. Our Resinwood plastic contains recycled material that is 100% post-consumer HDPE.

Explore our collection and see how our site furnishings are leaping the competition.

Industry Leading Quality

Our state of the art manufacturing processes, careful attention to detail and unique engineering expertise are the reasons why our material is of exceptional quality.

2 Day Shipping

Stock products ship in 2 days or less while our competition can take several weeks or months to ship your order. We turn your orders into dollars, FAST!

Exceptional Service Since 1973

Frog Furnishings has provided world class customer service and sales support which continues to create loyal and long term distributor relationships.

Green Initiative

Frog’s plastic Resinwood and recycled plastic bases help reduce plastics that end up in landfills. Our products also help fight deforestation.


Competitive Pricing

Frog continues to lead the market in highest margins available to its distributors with pricing the competition cannot beat.

Brand Distribution

Frog Furnishings sells all products exclusively through distribution. We promote, advertise and actively market our products through partnership participation. Distributors are our lifeline to the end user and we stand behind them 365 days a year. Frog only sells through authorized Distributors.

Our Story

Frog Furnishings has been manufacturing plastic and steel products and parts since 1973, and decided in 2013 to create our current brand name for our Outdoor Furniture division. We wanted to bring a brand to life that encompassed those things that matter most to our company. Frog Furnishings became the result of hard work and dedication by our marketing team to embody the fun energy we believe in, and our commitment to manufacturing quality plastic and steel site furnishings.

Frog Furnishings

The Gift That Keeps Giving

“I bought this bench as a gift for my kid’s school and had a plaque made for it and it looked awesome. The bench design is attractive and it’s comfortable, easy to clean, simple to put together, weather proof and well constructed.”

— Linda, Westwood, MA

Our Benefits


Using recycled plastic in our products reduces landfill usage. Our Resinwood slats use a minimum of 30% recycled materials made from 100% post-consumer HDPE. Our recycled plastic bases also help fight deforestation.


Frog’s recycled plastic material does not need to be sealed, painted or stained and cannot rot. Our proprietary coloring process seals in color and is uniform throughout the material with the introduction of our unique UV Protection Phase and ensures the beauty of the plastic well beyond wood, metal or expanded steel. Our products are designed to be placed in service and left alone. Maintenance departments love the ease of recycled plastics!

Note: product coloring and various non-plastic materials are not made of recycled materials

Vandal Resistant

Paint will not bond to the surface and can be easily removed with sand paper or automotive paint thinner.

The Future

Recycled plastic products are becoming the way of the future. Today’s demand for recycled plastic site furnishings is on the rise while furnishings made of traditional materials like wood, metal and expanded steel are on the decline. Adding Frog Furnishings to your park, business or project lets your community know you are providing a durable product that helps fight deforestation.

About our Parent Company

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